This is the popularly used business card. Size:90mm*54mm  (pvc card using 85.6mm*54mm)

     material: 300 gsm paper

     price: cost 0.018 usd/pc shenzhen + 0.018 usd/pc delivery USA DHL

     minimum order 2000pcs

This is lowest price, please contact with us before ordering.

printing time 3 days only + delivery time 4 days DHL USA

adding  layer    +0.004

part oil finish     +0.015

hole punch        +0.003

silver / golden tipping (hot stamp) +0.008

round corner                                       +0.008

inkjet number                                       +0.008

emboss                                                  +0.008

scratch off label                                      +0.01

artwork accept illustrator, coreldraw,photoshop, please change font of word and digit to curve

name card design using size 56mm*92mm (final one is 54mm*90mm, 1mm each side bleed)

CorelDraw please save file coreldraw8.0

all color using CMYK, line no smaller than 0.076mm, or else maybe not showing

In photoshop please do not adding small digit

If you choose no layer please do not design too deep color large area, or the card stick to each other

color not less than 10% or else not show